Many companies have self-reading and replying email systems and computers, which screen a Resume, by way of “character recognition” using SQL and XML databases. Do you really think your Congressman reads that garbage you send? No way. They have even figured a way to delete those messages from certain servers which allow you to go to a website, fill in your name and it blasts all your Senators. The Forest Service got 40,000 emails this way from a massive Spam internet site in the SF Bay Area when it asked for comments, then it delayed the committee, nothing got done and of course the Santa Ana winds and delivered us some pretty bad fires in CA. Gridlock bureaucracy.

Sometimes automated systems can overwhelm a company’s system, this time the government. This technology combined with voice technology should work in call centers and without the inherent problems associated with the Press 1, Press 2, Press 3 phone systems that make consumers angry and customer switch and lead to negative referral comments from users who eventually leave for another company. And in fact many systems are doing this now, with a synthetic human voice and a complex artificially simulate program behind it. Learn more about this voice technology and where it is going. Here is a white paper by VoiceGenie Technologies Inc.

Soon a nice voice will come on based on what you say and talk to you in a pleasant conversation. Now if you say something really weird you will screw it up such as;

“What is the price of rice in China today.”

If you are talking to an American Airlines call center the computer with a polite voice, not HAL, might say something like or first class price to China is $2,458.00 and you have 18,000 miles left on your;

“Free Miles” so your price would be $1,100.00 plus tip, tax and license.”

Then you can say something funny like;

“how much for the foreign rice because my Football Coach told me to eat them?”

Then the computer would say;

“Yes, we do play several channels, but you cannot watch Sunday’s game in Coach. The cost for coach is $988.00 if you book it now. Can I book that for you?”

Until this gets completely worked out, there will be a few problems. If you look at the TIA system and the Cell Phone activity. This has worked for the NSA and CIA for years, oh you didn’t know? Well this technology is finding it’s way into the private sector where of course it originated, here are some previous thoughts on this subject you’re your further study of the applications for such new technologically advanced systems;

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