The information technology industry has been experiencing a tremendous amount of growth in recent years as more businesses integrate computer systems into their operational processes. Today, the commercial marketplace is benefiting from widespread use of advanced data networks that improve many areas of operation including production, transaction processing, material acquisition, inventory management, marketing, employee payroll management, executive decision-making, and much more. While advancements in technology have eliminated many traditional jobs, they have also led to an increase in career opportunities in the information systems profession.

As members of the business community race to adopt systems that will help them retain a competitive advantage, graduates from Management Information Systems (MIS) Degree Programs are finding that they have numerous well-paying employment options. Many company executives and administrators lack formal training in computer science and do not understand the technical aspects of information systems. Due to this lack of expertise, human resource departments are currently offering highly lucrative salaries and recruitment packages to individuals who are tech savvy and who are skilled at managing large groups of people.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems utilize many different types of computer hardware and software to help companies eliminate waste and become more efficient. These types of systems are now being used in nearly every facet of product creation, distribution, and promotion. In the early years of information system development, computers were used in combination with mechanical equipment to eliminate many of the manufacturing and distribution jobs that people used to depend on. The replacement of manual labor with automated computer systems has resulted in a far more efficient marketplace and has reduced costs for companies and consumers.

While many jobs have been eliminated by advanced technology, new career opportunities have come into existence as businesses have increased their dependence on information technology experts. Networks of computer hardware and software require expertise in design, construction, implementation, and maintenance in order to remain operational. In addition, business administrators and corporate executives must understand how technology can be applied to real world business problems if they hope to benefit from more efficient systems. Individuals who are willing to advance their understanding of information technology will find that there are many high paying career opportunities available.

Higher education institutions around the world have been attempting to meet the growing demand for tech savvy business administrators by developing programs that combine basic computer science courses with the traditional business administration track. This has resulted in a hybrid degree program that is often referred to as the Management Information Systems (MIS) Degree. Graduates from these programs are qualified to provide insight on how advancing technology can be used to improve the way business is being conducted. Individuals who enjoy learning about modern technology and who would like to work in a collaborative business environment are finding that the MIS Degree is a perfect fit for their long-term career objectives.

Most MIS Degree Programs are highly flexible in terms of allowing students to focus their technology education on areas that are of interest to them. In addition, the broad set of skills that students acquire in these programs give them the tools they need to move seamlessly between the technology industry and the administrative industry. Corporate executives have developed a new appreciation for individuals who possess a wide range of talents because it translates into greater adaptability in a business environment that is experiencing rapid change.

The fact that the management information systems degree is so new means that it is still relatively unknown among the general public. This has resulted in a lack of supply of qualified graduates who are capable of filling the many job openings available. Those who are interested in a career in technology administration are encouraged to enter the profession now so that they will be well-positioned for a long and prosperous career once the general public starts to realize how much career advancement potential exists within the MIS Degree track.

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